The Story & History of Pine Cliff Resort

The Story & History of Pine Cliff Resort:

Pine Cliff Resort, originally known as Seymour's Pine Cliff Lodge, began as a tourist lodge on the banks of the Madawaska River in 1947 and was purchased from the land office in Whitney, Ontario by Frank Seymour. Mr. Seymour purchased all the lumber to build his lodge from M.J. Murray and called on several men from the Combermere area to help with the construction of the original lodge and cabins. Many of the building materials required had to be imported from the United States as they were not yet available in Canada. Once the original construction was complete, the lodge was ready for opening day on August 1st, 1947.  

Mr. Seymour continued to run the lodge as a northern Canadian fishing destination lodge for Americans until 1957 when he sold the business. At this point the lodge now consisted of a main lodge, 16 cottages with electricity and running water serviced by a water tower, washroom and shower house, and small engine repair shop. Mr. Seymour also offered shore lunches and guided fishing on the Madawaska River and Kamaniskeg Lake.

Between 1957 and 1970, the lodge changed hands a few times until it was scooped up by Mr. and Mrs. Taylor who renamed the lodge to "Pine Cliff Lodge" and added the tent and trailer camping business to an already successful cottage business.

In 1985, Brian and Patti Allingham purchased the property, along with the original lodge and 16 cottages. They were able to recognize the significant opportunity and potential that the property and lodge had in the tourist industry. They renamed the business "Pine Cliff Resort" and began the major transformation to build the business as it's known today. During their first year of ownership, Brian and Patti converted the original restaurant and lodge into their home where they lived until 1991. In the early 1990's they hired a local contractor to remove six of the original cottages and sold them locally. Two more cottages were removed and reconstructed into houses. The couple refurbished the 8 remaining cottages which still remain at the resort. The resort originally had only five seasonal campers, a number that the Allinghams have grown to over 80.

Pride of ownership is something that many of our guests remark on during their stay at the resort. Each year, Brian and Patti continue to upgrade the resort, the facilities and its cottages. Some significant improvements include:

  • 1991 - 2000: The office and recreation hall was attached to Brian and Patti's house.
  • April, 2000: Ground was broken and construction on the indoor saltwater pool, office and recreation hall started.  Local contractor, Willard Musclow, built the building and by November Pine Cliff Resort celebrated the grand opening of their new facility.
  • 2004: A new three bedroom waterfront cottage, Cottage 1A, was built beside the original lodge.
  • 2005: A new basketball court is built at the resort.
  • 2012: Massage room is constructed in the recreation hall and massage therapy are offered at the resort.
  • 2013: Four beach cabanas are added.
  • 2014: Office undergoes a facelift and a lounge with fireplace are added in the waiting area.
  • 2015: 72 acre property addition behind and adjacent to the resort to further expansion of the property in the future.

2015 celebrates Pine Cliff Resort's 68 years in business in the Ottawa Valley.

In response to what Brian and Patti's most proud achievement in the 30 years that they've owned their business, they acknowledge that they most appreciate being able to have families come to enjoy the resort each year, spending quality time together and creating memories.

Thank you for continued patronage and contribution to the resort's success!

Brian and Patti Allingham